Working closely with design team Chantal Jahchan, Jack Frischer, Maddy AngstreichMadeline Montoya, and Camryn Cogshell, I produce and art direct illustration and assist in art directing photography for Simple Syrup, a food and culture journal created by WashU students. While I'm not directly involved in crafting layout, I also have a hand in establishing the "look"—including typefaces and color—of each magazine, and actively recruit and manage our art staff.
Read Issue 04 and Issue 05 online.
Above: Issue 06 cover I co-art directed with Jack Frischer and Madeline Montoya. Photography by Madeline Montoya.
Below: Select spreads I art directed from Issue 04, Issue 05, and Issue 06.
Artists, in order: Jack Frischer, Brooke Adler, Madeleine Underwood (3), Amy Wang, Molly Magnell, Christina Wang (2), Carmen Maria Von Unrug, and Yena Jeong.
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